Two women dressed for party in front of a door. Even though one of them is injured and in despair she refuses to accept help from the other woman. A film that challenges our expectations of each other.


Rome Prisma Film Awards (2021)
Brittany International Film Festival – France (2021)
The Norwegian Short Film Festival – Norway (2021)
Nominated to ”Best International Drama Super Short Films, Alternative Filmfestival –   (2021)
The victim  – Susanna Zacharoff
The woman – Anna Mercedes Bergion
Director/Writer/Producer –  Anna Mercedes Bergion & Susanna Zacharoff
DOP – Gunnar Jönsson
Editing – Gunnar Jönsson & Anna Mercedes Bergion
Costum & makeup – Uma Lundholm
Boom operator – Lars Wignell
Sound design – Therese Larsson
Colorist – Sebastian Guest
Production assistant – Anna Kelm